June 20, 2015

Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure

"Hi, I am Karla and I am going on a deep-sea adventure. 
Would you like to explore with me?"

Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventureis a fun picture book about a dog's trek under the sea, where she learns all about sea life and being safe while boating and diving - all while practicing to count!

Before Karla the dog begins her adventure, she makes sure to strap on her safety gear for deep-sea diving, including fins and an oxygen tank. Once she's in the water, she meets lots of interesting sea creatures, including dolphins, puffer fish, stingrays, and sea horses - all who tell her a little about themselves.

Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure is not only an exceptionally educational and fun book for children to read, it is also highly interactive, involving the child reader in the story's adventure. It not only encourages exploration, but as they learn about different animals, children are asked to count the number of sea animals in the pictures and are told definitions of not-so-common diving-related terms.

If you would like to teach a child about the wonders of the sea while also teaching boat and diving safety, or the importance of taking shelter in a storm, Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure is a great introduction to these concepts. It's colorful and lively illustrations are also great for children learning colors, and for any child who loves animals and wants to know more about them. More books in the Karla The Dog series can be found at http://karlathedog.com/.

Illustrator: Blair Harvey

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