July 1, 2015

Uncle Rocky, Fireman: Safe at Home

Independence Day is upon us and many times children area not educated on the what to do in case a fire breaks out. Uncle Rocky, Fireman: Safe at Home is a great picture book that teaches young children that being safe during a fire does not have to be scary. To prove this point he takes his nephews on an adventurous lesson in fire safety.

Uncle Rocky visits for dinner one evening with his sister and nephews Ben and Luke, and teaches them the importance of fire safety through questions and fire drills. First, he discusses the importance of smoke detectors, and then he takes nephews Ben and Luke and their parents on two routes they can take in their home to escape from a fire, should one break out in their home.

Uncle Rocky stresses many important points including:
  1. Importance of staying calm
  2. Having an emergency meeting place to go to after escaping a fire
  3. What to do if your clothes catch on fire - Stop, drop, cover and roll! NEVER run!
Uncle Rocky, Fireman: Safe at Home is a great picture book not only because it makes children aware of  the dangers and seriousness of fires, but it also encourages family conversation, and shows how parents can take a serious subject and turn it into a family activity that could save a child's life.

Author: James Burd-Brewster 
Illustrator: Dayna Barley-Cohrs

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