May 5, 2015

Colors of Wine Country

Have you been to wine country? If not, then grab your little one and take an imaginary trip to Napa Valley, California in Colors of the Wine Country, a wonderful board book that teaches children about the colors found throughout the beautiful California wine country. 

Told in a simple and fun style, Colors of the Wine Country, is a comprehensive lesson for toddlers and other children who have not yet learned to speak (such as autistic or other special needs children), that not only teaches children about colors, but also  introduces them to farm equipment, crops and animals.

The book contains bright and  beautiful colors of animated illustrations of many of nature's wonders including crop fields, streams and animals, including a cow and dog. I have no doubt that Colors of the Wine Country  would be a fun and enjoyable read that children will love for its visual appeal, and parents will love for its educational content. It's a win-win!

Colors of the Wine Country
Written by Kyle and Amy Goleno
Illustrator: Peter Francis

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