June 6, 2014

Look with Me

I lost my shoe and I don't know what to do.
Where do I look to find my shoe? 
Will it be with my socks? 
Or will I find it in the toy box?

Look with Me by Sandra Williams is a wonderful book broken up into three sections, with three mini stories, all encouraging using your sight, touch, and hearing senses.

Have you ever tried to get a child to focus on something you wanted to show them, like a plane in the sky or a bird singing? This is the situation in the first mini story What do You See? which is reminiscent of the children's game "I Spy." The story encourages children to notice what is around them - including planes flying, the wind blowing, the sun shining and even the laughter of neighbors.

You know how kids like to lose things? This is the predicament in the second mini story My Lost Shoe, where a young boy loses his shoe and looks everywhere for it in his room. It's a great story for teaching children to think of solutions to a problem told in a humorous way, with fun rhyme and an ending that encourages helping one another.

In Looking Together, the last of the mini stories in Look with Me, the story encourages children to sing, read, and to see (feel) things with your heart by closing your eyes, and listening to what you hear around you. For example, using your senses to feel the sun on your skin.

Look with Me is a great for young children or children with short attention spans, as all three stories are fun, quick reads, but also ones that encourage children to think. The illustrations by Wendell L. Washington and Isia N. Washington are colorful and make the book even more enjoyable. Look with Me be purchased on the author's website or on bookstore.authorhouse.com or at Amazon.com.

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  1. Just wanted to give a shout-out to my friend, former co-worker, and fellow author, Sandy Williams, and for her first children's book, "Look With Me." Sandy has always been an observant, wise, trusted Christian whose heart is only surpassed in volume and love by her faith, and thus, her servitude. I applaud Sandy and look forward to seeing how her passion of writing will be celebrated. The Lord is truly amazing and Sandy is one of His true soldiers. Go on and walk your walk with Jesus, Sandy, and glorify His mighty name! I'm so proud of you!