May 25, 2014

Fall Rain by Pat Moore

Fall Rain is a fun story of a child's journey through the seasons, and his mother's tender advice on dressing for the changing weather.

It is a great book for very young children ages 2-7 years of age, and may be too simplistic for older children. It's perfect however for young children who enjoy rhyming prose and colorful illustrations.

An example of Fall Rain's fun prose is: "In the summer, Mom says whacck! Don't forget your cap!" which shows an illustration of a boy playing baseball. As the writer goes through the seasons, she gives children examples of activities they can enjoy during each season.

Fall Rain is great book to read to your little one as a It starting point for teaching an appreciation of the environment, and especially great for parents who want to encourage their children to take part in activities that don't involve video games, TV, or being on a computer. It is a great book to encourage creative ways to have fun as well as having a love of the changing seasons.

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