November 3, 2015

When I Am the Leader

"When I am a representative,
I will be a member of the House of Representatives within the United States Congress
I will more or less fulfill the people's interests and objectives."

Do you ever have a difficult time trying to explain politics to kids? What about the election process? If so, When I am the Leader is a great book to start the conversation. Not only does it describe the roles of elected officials, it also highlights occupations in education that children are familiar with. For  kids who already have aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up, When I am the Leader is a great readr. It describes more than 20 occupations, many of which are determined through elections. The book explains what it means to be a senator, school principal, police officer, mayor and many other professions.

The rhyming prose makes the book easy to read, and makes up for the lack of color in the illustrations. The back of the book features a substantial notes section, which is helpful for classroom lessons. This book is effective in teaching children what it means to be a leader, because it focuses on the duties of each occupation, not on how much  money is made, which can be why many children do or don't want to go into a specific profession.

If you know a child who demonstrates leadership abilities and/or qualities When I am the Leader is a great way to instill future ambitions in them. When I am the Leader is written by Fannie T. Brown and is available at Or if you live in, or plan to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you can find the book at the Grand Strand Cultural Arts Foundation, which is located at 1208 Hemingway Street in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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