November 19, 2015


Orange is the color of my henna designs, they cover my hands in leafy vines.
Silver is a fanoos, a twinkling light, a shiny lantern that glows at night.

There is much religious turmoil going on in our world right now. As a devout Christian, I always hope that those who do not share my religion will still respect it. In turn, I make an effort to respect religions that are different from my own. For that reason, this week I am reviewing the educational picture book Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns. It is my hope and belief that if we teach children at a young age the beauty of other religions, then they will grow up with a love of their religion, as well as tolerance for others.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns is a beautifully written children's book. It is a  positive introduction to some of the cultural practices of the Muslim religion featuring breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, and rhyming prose that educates young children about different colors. Some of the cultural practices highlighted in the book are of women wearing a hijab (scarf) and henna (tattoo-like artwork), and the hanging of a fanoos (lantern) during Ramadan. At the end of the book is a glossary of the terms used in the book that explains what each word means and why it is important in the Muslim culture.

It is not always easy to embrace customs that are different from ours, but if we are to use the golden rule - to treat (respect) the beliefs and customs of others, the way that we in turn would like to be treated - then embracing different cultures, and educating our children about them is something we must make an effort to do. For this reason, I strongly recommend reading Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns to children who are both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book that is a great educational tool for teaching young children colors as well as well as introducing children to Muslim traditions. If it is your hope to educate and/or raise a tolerant and educated child who respects those different from him or her, this is a wonderful book to read to a child of any religion, and a great way to introduce a child to the concept of peace and tolerance.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors
Written by: Hena Khan
Illustrated by: Mehrdokht Amini reviews books that celebrate culture and educate young children ages 1-10. Our mission is to celebrate children’s books that promote diversity so that parents of all cultural, diverse and religious backgrounds, including those with disabilities have a source where they can find children's books that represent their children. also aims to support independent self-published authors who write educational and culturally diverse books.

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