July 13, 2014

Dress Up Day

Come with us as we dress up!
Be a princess, pilot or chef. Maybe you think a policeman is best.
Farm the land, sing in a band, or fight fires like a fireman.
See a teacher, a doctor, an artist too and learn about the jobs they do.
Just like that, with a few things, it's easy to do - just start imagining!

Does your child talk about what he or she wants to be when they grow up? If so, they'll love Dress Up Day, a fun picture book about a little girl who makes a day of fun by dressing up with her friends. The kids try on several different outfits and to visualize all the different careers they could have when they grow up.

Dress up Day has fun rhyme and is a great book for giving children ideas about all the different options they have for their future. With beautifully colorful illustrations depicting both girls and boys of diverse backgrounds, the kids dress up from everything from a doctor, judge, and soldier to a farmer, pilot and firefighter.

Dress Up Day is a great book for encouraging young children to dream and to also create positive, fun, ways to play.  It is written by Tina Marie Kaht and illustrated by Hatice Bayramoglu, and available at Amazon.com.

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