April 6, 2014

Lola at the Library

Every week Lola goes to the library to find a new book
She loves it so much now she's hooked!

Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinnn, is a delightful little story about a toddler and her weekly ritual of going to the library. It is the perfect book to celebrate National Library Week, celebrated this year from April 13-19th.

Narrated in the voice of little Lola, she starts her day excited to go to the library and loads her backpack with books to return without her mother's direction. Once Lola is all packed, she gets her library card, and it's on to the library where she participates in story time in the special section for children.

After storytime, Lola looks around and finds books on a range of subjects; so many that she has trouble deciding which ones to check out! Should she check out the book with bears on the cover or the one about shoes? It's so hard to choose! Eventually Lola makes her choice and then goes back home to enjoy a snack with her mommy. Later that evening, Lola enjoys a bed time that her mother reads to her.

Lola at the Library is a great book for your little one for two reasons: it promotes a love of books, and it shows the importance of sharing the love of reading with your child by taking them to the library and reading at bedtime.

Celebrate books by going to the library and reading with your child this library week! For more information on events celebrating the event, visit http://www.ala.org/conferencesevents/celebrationweeks/natlibraryweek

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