March 1, 2014

Dream Big Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi

Poppy is bold!
Poppy is brave!
Poppy is a pig with great big dreams!
And she will steal your heart with her story of determination.

Kristi Yamaguchi scores gold again with this wonderful story of holding on to your dreams and never giving up. Dream Big Little Pig! centers around Poppy, a pot bellied pig whose dream is to become a star. She first tries becoming a ballerina, but that fails miserably because she has no grace. Poppy then tries singing, but she honestly cannot carry a tune, so that doesn't work either. Poppy tries her hand once more, this time with modeling, but she's really quite clumsy, and discovers that modeling is not her calling either.

Throughout Poppy's quest however, she continues to get cheered on by her supportive friends and family - another great theme in the story; children don't give up and succeed when they have a stable network of support. So as Poppy is just about to give up on being a star, she one day passes an ice rink and notices the great time that everyone at the rink is having, and she decides to try skating for herself. She stumbles and falls at first, but then begins to perfect her ice skating, learning twists and turns, delighted at how much she enjoys it.

Poppy even becomes popular in the community because of her great skating skills. Dream Big Little Pig! is a wonderful story that shows children that when they refuse to give up, it is possible to find their true calling. However the story and its wonderful message is perfected by the wonderfully colorful illustrations of Tim Bowers, who brings to life the personality and strong will of Poppy's character.

If you have a child who has big dreams, Dream Big Little Pig! is a must read. After all, what is life without dreams? No one can answer that question better than Poppy, a pot-bellied pig who shows that against all odds you can become whatever you set your mind to be.

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